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Make a Hero was founded in 2011 by Kurt Miller, former owner of Warren Miller Entertainment and son of Warren Miller. After the better part of two decades owning and running Warren Miller Entertainment, producer/director Kurt Miller had a vision for Make A Hero with the mission of helping local adaptive sports groups gain recognition and funding. Kurt says his inspiration to create Make A Hero was influenced by the adaptive segments in Warren Miller films through the years, his many opportunities to feature the heroes of disabled sport, and the uplifting tales of the volunteers who work with these athletes and share them with millions of fans.

Miller’s talent for bringing high-level resources together has served both the foundation and his first in a series of documentary films, The Movement.  Like his father, he wanted to share the inspiring stories of individuals with disabilities who have found freedom through sports and recreation. This vision lead to the production of award-winning documentary film, The Movement, about Rick Finkelstein, paralyzed at Aspen CO, re-learning to ski after his tragic accident. The Movement has been accepted in over 20 film festivals including Sundance, was nominated for 7 Maverick Movie awards, and has won 4 awards, to date. The success of Make A Hero’s first film has led to the planning of our secon film, The Current, which will feature individuals with physical disabilities enjoying adaptive water sports. To learn how you can support the making of this inspirational film, please visit The Current  Fundraising campaign via SimplyRaise non-profit crowdfunding.

Make A Hero’s mission is to grow awareness and generate financial support for individuals with disabilities.

Make A Hero reaches out to enthusiasts of all sports, seeking to raise awareness for local organizations and to provide financial support for adaptive sports right in each donor’s community. We rely on the self-sustaining fuel of people sharing passions—and this in turn allows local groups to create new programs, engage more people in existing activities, and improve the experience of every participant.

We are movie producers, entertainment executives, celebrities, sports stars, medical professionals and a myriad of volunteers. We have all, in one way or another, experienced the exhilaration of sports and we know the joy in sharing that thrill with others. The ability of sports to inspire and motivate is infectious: a little push can create an avalanche of momentum and excitement.

Your donation helps build

awareness and raise funds for adaptive sports programs in your region. And please spread the word: corporate matching programs, additional retail locations, fundraising drives, and other activities and partners can multiply the support for hard working and worthy local organizations.

‘The Current’ Fundraising Campaign


Please donate to one of our teams and help us reach to our goal of $50,000 so that we can make our next film, The Current, which will feature our heroes experiencing the healing power of the ocean and adaptive water sports. The Current  is the second film by Make A Hero that tells the inspirational story of individuals with physical disabilities regaining their freedom through adaptive water sports.

Please help us fund an amazing adaptive scuba diving, and surfing film called, The Current which will feature amazing disabled and able bodied athletes as they explore the healing power of the ocean while diving and surfing with wild dolphins and whales. The Current’s inspirational disabled athletes, include US Paralympian, Mallory Weggemann , Bethany Hamilton  of Soul Surfer, surf champion, Taylor Knox , wounded American veteran, Jesse Murphree and NCAA Wrestling Champion, Anthony Robles  who have so significantly overcome their challenges and are our heroes. The film shares their stories through breathtaking cinematography and inspirational music featuring scuba diving, kayaking, surfing, free diving with whales and dolphins. Please join them to rebuild their confidence and regain physical freedom through participation in adaptive sports including scuba diving and surfing. This film will feature exotic travel locations including the Bahamas and Mexico with inspirational stories of perseverance and an unwillingness to be held back by their disability.

The Currenta 40 minute inspirational documentary, narrated by Jean-Michel Cousteau, tells the story of six individuals from all walks of life that face incredible obstacles and find the inspiration to become real heroes. Through water sports, each has ultimately discovered or rediscovered the freedom of movement. Trevor Rabin from the band, Yes will compose an original music score and we intend to feature music (pending finalization of clearances) from Crosby, Stills and NashDave Matthews Band, Sting, The Beach Boys and Death Cab For Cutie.

The Current is the second in a series of films and starts where the first film, The Movement, left off with paralyzed executive, Rick Finkelstein, now facing the challenge of learning to scuba dive for the first time. Once again, Rick will be surrounded by a group of distinguished athletes who have overcome their challenges proving that they are truly heroes.

In this film, we will get to know these heroes and their stories through breathtaking cinematography and inspirational music featuring scuba diving, ocean kayaking, surfing, free diving, as well as, swimming with whales and dolphins. After watching this film you will want to experience the same freedom and will have a newfound respect for the healing power of the ocean. Your pledge today will help create this inspirational film that will help change the lives of able body and disabled individuals alike. Without your support of ‘The Current Fundraiser Campaign’, we WILL NOT be able to document these amazing stories of individuals as they experience new freedom by overcoming their challenges.

Spread the word about this fundraising campaign, your team of choice, or your personal fundraising page through FacebookTwitter or via email.

This project tells the stories of five people, from all walks of life, who found a way to experience a freedom. They are an inspiration” – Robert Redford

I’ve always thought of the body as a circle. If you take a piece away, then you develop other capabilities. Eventually the circle becomes whole again. And that’s when you’ve joined the movement.” – Warren Miller

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